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     R/S Rheometer

R/S Controlled Stress Rheometer
Sophisticated Rheological Analysis At An Affordable Price

When you need Controlled Stress and Controlled Rate Measurements, the R/S Rheometer should be your first choice: A powerful tool at an affordable price.

Features And Benefits

  • Controlled stress/rate makes it easy to study a materials' response from 0 shear up to 4800 sec-1
  • Rugged design means years of trouble-free operation
  • Rapid spindle attachment; easy to clean; saves time
  • More for your money - comparable to instruments costing much more
  • Available in coaxial cylinder, cone/plate, or plate/plate
  • Quick and easy gap setting for cone/plate and plate/plate models
  • Variety of sample temperature control: Brookfield water bath, Peltier Plate, or electronic heating
  • Easy to view display and user friendly keypad for stand-alone operation
  • RS-232 output for use with powerful Rheo2000 control and data analysis software

Rheological evaluation through controlled stress measurement offers superior viscosity profiling, thixotropic response and yield stress determination

The Brookfield R/S Rheometer offers both controlled rate and controlled stress measurement. Available with cone/plate, plate/plate, or coaxial cylinder measurement geometry, the R/S Rheometer offers powerful flow characterization tools including ramp, loop, and single point testing. A wide range of shear rate, shear stress, and torque provide flexible flow analysis and yield measurement.
The R/S Rheometer is designed to accommodate the high throughput required of quality control laboratories. It also offers the sophisticated flexibility required of research environments. The R/S Rheometer provides cost effective, worry free operation for a variety of laboratory applications.

Time is money...
Why the Brookfield R/S Rheometer will save you both:

Solid state construction for rugged and easy use
 There is little or no maintenance required. Training is quick.
Rapid spindle attachment and easy cleaning
 Testing can be done in minutes.
User friendly keypad for simple stand-alone operation
 The push of a button is all that is needed.
PC interface for user defined remote control operation
 One mouse click will initiate a single or multi-step test.


The R/S Rheometer is appropriate for a wide range of materials.

  • Petrochemicals
    Oils, lubricants, grease
  • Polymers
    Solutions, melts, resins
  • Foods
    Dairy products, sauces, chocolates, gels
  • Pharmaceuticals
    Emulsions, suspensions, ointments, dispersions
  • Cosmetics & Detergents
    Oils, shampoos, creams, lotions, emulsions, soaps
  • Coatings
    Paints, inks, lacquers, dispersions
  • Chemicals
    Composites, sealants, pastes


Measuring Systems

The Brookfield R/S Rheometer can be supplied with coaxial cylinder, cone/plate or plate/plate measurement geometry

Cone/Plate Spindles     Coaxial Cylinder Accessories


Torque Range 0.05 - 50 mNm
Speed Range 0.7 to 800 RPM
Temperature Range
Coaxial Cylinder -20°C - 180°C
Cone/Plate * -20°C - 250°C
Plate/Plate * -20°C - 250°C
* optional Peltier Plate 0°C - 135°C
Viscosity Range **
Coaxial Cylinder 1 - 30,000,000 mPa·s
Cone/Plate 20 - 3,200,000 mPa·s
Plate/Plate 20 - 9,900,000 mPa·s
Shear Rate Range **
Coaxial Cylinder 0 - 4114 sec-1
Cone/Plate 0 - 4890 sec&sup-1;
Plate/Plate 0 - 3141 sec-1
Shear Stress Range **
Coaxial Cylinder 0 - 34833 Pa
Cone/Plate 0 - 12223 Pa
Plate/Plate 0 - 16297 Pa
** Ranges dependent upon Spindle Geometry used









Rheo2000™ Control & Data Analysis Software

Rheo2000 software will enhance the utility of the R/S Rheometer through programmed control and data analysis:

  • Program by controlled stress or rate
  • Multi-step Test Programs
  • Calculation of average viscosity, thixotropy, and yield stress
  • Data processing with mathematical models: Newton, Bingham, Casson, Ostwald, Steiger-Ory, Herschel-Bulkley
  • Automated analysis of user defined values for QC
  • On-line plotting, color printing