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Small Sample Adapter

Small Sample Adapter 

The Small Sample Adapter (SSA), consisting of a cylindrical sample chamber and spindle, provides a defined system for accurate viscosity measurements of small sample volumes in the order of 2 to 16 ml.

  • Removable Sample Chamber : The design of the SSA allows the sample chamber to be easily changed and cleaned without disturbing the set-up of the viscometer or temperature bath. This means that successive measurements can be made under identical conditions.

  • Temperature Control : The sample chamber fits into a flow jacket so that precise temperature control can be achieved when a Brookfield circulating temperature bath is used. The stirring action of the rotating spindle, plus the small sample volume helps to keep the temperature gradient across the sample to a minimum. Direct readout of sample temperature is provided using sample chambers with embedded RTD sensors connected to the DV-I+ (w/temperature option), Programmable DV-II+, or the DV-III+. Working temperature range for the SSA is from -15oC to 100oC.

  • Cylindrical Geometry : The Small Sample Adapter's rheoligically correct cylindrical geometry provides extremely accurate viscosity measurements and shear rate determinations.

Ultra Low Adapter

Ultra Low Adapter™

The Ultra Low Adapter™ (ULA) accessory is used with Brookfield Viscometers/Rheometers to make accurate and reproducible measurements on low viscosity materials. The adapter is usable with all standard Viscometers/Rheometers (excluding Cone/Plate models). It is commonly used with the LV series instrument (at 60 rpm, these models have full scale range of 1 - 10 cP with the ULA).

  • Cylindrical Geometry : The ULA consists of a precision cylindrical spindle rotating inside an accurately machined tube. Its rheologically correct cylindrical geometry provides extremely accurate viscosity measurements and shear rate determinations. Also available is the ULA-DIN spindle which conforms to DIN 53019 specifications.

  • Measures Either Small or Large Samples : The tube has a removable end cap. With the cap removed, the open ended tube can be used in a beaker or tank. With the cap in place, the closed tube holding a 16 ml sample (17 ml with the DIN spindle) can be immersed in a temperature bath or used with the ULA-40Y water jacket for precise temperature control. Working temperature range for the SSA is from -15oC to 100oC.

  • Easily Cleaned : All immersed parts are stainless steel. The removable cap of low density polyethylene can be considered disposable for one-time use if required.

  • DIN Adapter Accessory : Additional DIN spindles (conforming to DIN 53019) are available. Optional DIN spindles are available

DIN Adapter Accessory
The DIN Adapter Accessory (DAA) is a cylindrical spindle geometry that conforms to the DIN 53019 specification. Three spindles and three chambers are provided. The DAA can be attached to any standard Brookfield Laboratory Viscometer/Rheometer.


Vane Spindles

Vane Spindles

For use with paste-like materials, gels, and fluids where suspended solids migrate away from the measurement surface of standard spindles.
Features And Benefits

  • Minimal disurption of sample during spindle immersion

  • Keeps particles in suspension during testing cycle

  • Viscosity data includes complete flow curve analysis

  • Provides information on yield behavior at low rotational speeds

  • Follows industry recommendations on length/diameter ratios for vane spindles

  • 3-piece spindle set for versatile range capability

  • Ideal for use with the Programmable DV-II+ Viscometer and the DV-III+ Rheometer

Helipath™ Stand

Helipath Stand

The Brookfield Helipath™ Stand, when used with a suitable Brookfield Viscometer/Rheometer fitted with a special T-bar type spindle, will permit viscosity/consistency measurements in relative centipoise values for materials having characteristics similar to paste, putty, cream, gelatin, or wax.

Many substances, because of the nature of their yield values, have previously been considered unsuited for viscosity or consistency measurements with rotational viscometers. Any rotating member, be it cylinder, disc, or paddle, will create a channel in such substances and after a very short time exert a negligible and meaningless torque on any sensing device. This effect also occurs with materials that have a gel structure.

Paint dyes, lithographic inks, and many other substances are thixotropic in that their structure is broken down and their viscosity is decreased when subjected to internal shearing. While no rotating member will ever spin freely in such materials, the torque required to produce this motion will become less as the period of internal shearing lengthens. The study of such data will lead to difficulties and necessarily rigid testing procedures in product control work.

Other materials, notably pastes and creams, show a combination of the two effects listed above. They will show a yield value as well as a change in relative viscosity/consistency with time.

The Brookfield Helipath™ Stand is designed to slowly lower or raise a Brookfield Viscometer/Rheometer so that its rotating shearing element will describe a helical path through the test sample. By always cutting into fresh material, the problem of channeling or separating is eliminated and meaningful viscosity/consistency measurements can be made. The reversing feature of the Helipath™ Stand allows measurements to be made over a variable period of time.

Spiral Adapter

Spiral Adapter
A Pump-type Sensor That Directly Measures Viscosity Of Pastes :

  • Applications include foods, solder paste, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other paste-like materials

  • Performs measurements compatible with industry specifications

  • Provides viscosity data that show pseudoplastic and thixotropic properties of test samples

  • Delivers repeatable measurements within ± 2%

  • Works with any standard Brookfield Viscometer/Rheometer

  • Simple and fast to operate; easy to clean

  • Optional software computes shear sensitivity factor

The Spiral Adapter has an inner, threaded spindle surrounded by a concentric outer cylinder. This combination causes the sample to be continually pumped up through the Spiral Adapter. The material reaches a steady state of flow during which viscosity is measured. The steady-state measurement is less sensitive to sample handling and minor material variations than other viscosity measuring methods.

At its various rotating speeds, the Brookfield Viscometer/Rheometer provides viscosity data at different shear rates. The resulting rheogram from an up/down speed ramp supplies important information on the psuedoplastic and thixotropic behavior of the test material.


Quick Connect

The Quick Connect spindle coupling accessory is designed to quickly attach or remove a spindle from a Brookfield Viscometer/Rheometer.

  • Quick connection - saves time

  • Easy to use

  • Reduces viscometer wear

  • Eliminates cross threading

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Compatible with LV, RV, HA, & HB disk spindles

  • Compatible with T-bar couplings (chuck, weight, and closer assembly)

  • Convenient Quick Connect "Kits" for LV (4 spindles) and RV/HA/HB (7 spindles); kits include a special guardleg where appropriate

Spindle Extensions

     Type S Extensions - Used for applications where depth of spindle immersion cannot be observed.

Type D Extensions - Used for applications where the depth of spindle immersion can be observed; can also be used without a link for rapid spindle change.

Spindle Rack

The Brookfield spindle rack provides convenient, benchtop storage for Brookfield LV, RV, HA, or HB Viscometer/Rheometer spindle sets. The attractive design includes a long lasting epoxy finish which can be easily cleaned. The rack will accomodate up to seven spindles.




Viscosity Determination At Elevated Temperatures

How It Solves A Difficult Problem

The difficulty with viscosity measurements of hot melts and liquids at elevated temperatures has been in maintaining accurate temperature control that is consistent from sample to sample, so that meaningful data could be obtained.

The Brookfield Thermosel® solves this problem by providing a stable, precisely controlled sample environment. This, together with the inherent accuracy of the Brookfield Viscometer, is fundamental to the Thermosel® System, which produces viscosity measurements that are not only accurate, but entirely reproducible. Several factors contribute to the stable environment:

  • Non-fluctuating temperature control

  • Small sample volume and insulated sample chamber, which reduces temperature gradients with the sample

  • The rotating spindle, which acts as a built-in stirring device

  • Expedited research and QC procedures

  • Safe viscosity measurements of materials up to 300oC

  • Precise temperature control within ±0.5% of set point temperature

  • Excellent viscosity reproducibility

  • Small sample volume (8 to 13 ml)

  • Defined shear rates generated by coaxial cylinder geometry

  • Manual or programmable temperature control

  • Digital display of set point and Thermosel® temperature to 0.1oC or oF on controller

  • Temperature display switchable to oC or oF

  • Disposable sample chambers

  • DIN spindle geometry available

Various spindles are available for use with the Thermosel® System. Selection is determined by the viscosity measurement range that is required. Included with the Thermosel® are a thermo-container, safety guard and insulating cap, a proportional controller with RTD probe, one spindle (others available), one standard sample chamber, five disposable chambers, sample chamber holder, extraction tools, and an alignment bracket.

The Model 106 Programmable Temperature Controller allows up to 10 pre-programmed test steps which include both a set temperature and hold time at that temperature. This permits measurement of viscosity-temperature data for any test sample. The Model 75 Temperature Controller (single set point) is also available.

Temperature Control Circulating Baths

Why control temperature for viscosity measurement?

Detecting changes in your sample's properties is valuable information for predicting your product's performance. Temperature control during viscosity measurement helps insure accurate test results. The addition of a Brookfield Circulating Bath is a smart investment.

Digital Controllers have easy-to-use controls. Just dial in your set-point and push a button, you're done!

  • LED readout displays set-point and fluid temperature

  • Unique rotary control allows rapid set-point adjustment and fine tuning capability

Programmable Controllers offer the highest level of flexibility and control for the most demanding applications.

  • Easy-to-read LCD alphanumeric display

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use keypad

  • Time and temperature programming

  • Built-in RS-232 interface for use with appropriate application software providing automated temperature control


Viscosity Standard Fluids

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Brookfield Viscosity Standard Fluids provide a convenient, reliable way to verify the calibration of your Brookfield Laboratory Viscometers/Rheometers. Brookfield Viscosity Standards are Newtonian, and they are available as either silicone or oil.

Silicone Viscosity Standards

  • Accuracy ±1%

  • Excellent temperature stability

  • Special viscosity values and temperatures available upon request

  • Recommended for use with Brookfield and most other rotational viscometers

  • Most economical

Oil Viscosity Standards

  • Accuracy ±1%

  • Appropriate for use at shear rates greater than 500 sec-1

  • Recommended for use with Cone/Plate viscometers at viscosities above 5000 cP

  • Recommended for Brookfield CAP series and KU-1+ viscometers

Brookfield Viscosity Standard Fluids are accurate to ±1% of the stated viscosity and are certified by methods traceable to the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The selection of one or two fluids will normally provide sufficient measurement points to verify calibration of your instrument. All fluids are supplied in ½ liter (1 pint) containers and with a certificate of calibration.

Special Order Silicone Fluids

  • Viscosity Blends at 25oC (77oF) Fluids may be ordered with viscosities other than those listed for general purpose silicone fluids.

  • Minimum: 5 cP (mPaos)

  • Maximum: 60,000 cP (mPa·s)

  • Blends will be within ±2% of requested value

  • Temperature Calibrations

General purpose or blended fluids may be calibrated at temperatures other than 25oC (77oF).

  • Minimum: 20oC (68oF)

  • Maximum: 80oC (176oF)

  • Minimum temperature increment: 2oC