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Brookfield applications software is available to automate data collection and, in some cases, automate control of our line of digital viscometers/rheometers. All Brookfield software runs on MS-Windows operating systems.

Rheocalc Automate your sample testing with Rheocalc Software and your DV-III Ultra or DV-II+ Pro.
Capcalc Capcalc turns your CAP2000+ Viscometer into an accurate rheometer for advanced sample analysis.
Wingather Create test records with this data collection software and your DV-II+ Pro Viscometer.

EZ-Yield This software is supplied with the YR-1 Rheometer and DV-III Ultra Rheometer to allow setup for up to 10 different yield stress test programs.
Rheovision Powerful Rheovision Software is supplied with the PVS Rheometer for full automation and control of all test parameters and comprehensive data collection/analysis.
RHEO2000 Available for use with the R/S Plus Rheometers to automate sample testing and collect/analyze data.

Texture Pro Lite Enhance the power of the LFRA Texture Analyzer by using this easy-to-learn profile analysis program.
Texture Pro The already powerful QTS gets a bigger boost with this profile analysis program for comprehensive, automated testing and reports.
DV-Loader Supplied with the DV-II+ Pro Viscometer, DV Loader allows creation of programmed tests on a PC for download to the DV-II+ Pro.

Rheo-Loader Supplied with the DV-III Ultra Rheometer, Rheo Loader allows creation of customized test programs on a PC for download to the DV-III Ultra.